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We’re an ADD Agency. plusitivity Plusitivity is adding more value to every little thing we do. It goes beyond just looking at the bright side. Our marketing solutions don’t just boost your brand, they also create relationships. To create more than just ads with a story, but with a lesson. Plusitivity is our way of adding more life and love to the world. let’s do it together

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Slide + The passion TVC CAMPAIGN PILIIN MONG MAGING IKAW. Tanduay Select A refreshed TVC campaign that rings true to millennials, emphasizing the value of individuality and uniqueness. Tanduay Select champions the choice of the generation to define success their own way. It’s the first TVC to exhibit true gender inclusivity in the country. watch here Slide + The passion TVC CAMPAIGN BANGO. HINDI OVER. Vernel The fabric softener category is saturated by formulations with strong fragrances. The product, Ver Nel, found this challenging because of its delicate scent.

The campaign turned its weakness to its strength by tapping onto a market that does not like strong floral or baby scents - the men.
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Slide + The passion OLV CAMPAIGN FIRST. FAST. ODORLESS. Advanced Aerosol Advanced Aerosols started advertising with very little investment, and decided to tap onto digital.

Partnering with our team, the brand has created a slew of quirky and witty online videos. Aside from effectively communicating brand benefits, the whole campaign was produced in-house, with minimum cost.

Simple. Impactful. Plusitively successful.
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Slide + The passion EVENT COME TOGETHER. Durex Durex joined hands with AdGarlic in creating a campaign to support the LGBT+ community for Pride March.

The campaign enjoined everyone to come together in the fight against HIV. It’s part of Philippine history as a battlecry to celebrate gender inclusivity and living one’s truth.
watch here
Slide + The passion BRANDING ALAB
In branding the Philippines’ first team to ever join the ASEAN Basketball League, AdGarlic took its cue from the story of the Filipino everyman.

ALAB Pilipinas stands for FILIPINO HOPE - the hope that drives every Pinoy to overcome the odds, and even go further.
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