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  • All-inclusive

    Embracing diversity in valuing people and ideas. All industries welcome!

  • Seasoned Experts

    Seasoned through work with big brands. Yet we never settle on our laurels.

  • Appreciate Added Value

    Every little thing is celebrated as steps toward bigger milestones.

  • Content Powerhouse

    Overflowing with relevant ideas to stand out from the clutter.


Ad Garlic Inc. is a full-service marketing agency that partners with brands, suppliers, and creators in developing and executing innovative and purposeful campaigns since 2012.

Our ultimate goal is to reshape mindsets and transform lives to build a better nation through campaigns powered by


Watch how we embody our pact in
making a Plusitive impact

W or k

We go beyond, adding value to every ounce of creativity, recognizing the brilliance of ideas, and amplifying the influential power of any kind of marketing execution.

Our work reflects our grand vision and aspirations. Each piece is a token that makes a mark in society and ourselves for decades and more.


Behind every successful endeavor is a backstage of effort, passion, and teamwork.
Witness plusitivity in action in our works.

Cli en ts

Our connection with our clients hasn’t just produced great work, but also deep friendships.

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